3×3 Project; Changing filmaking in New York City

Original article published in in November, 2013×3-project-changing-filmmaking-nyc

There is only one week left. One week to be part of a special project by a dedicated group of professionals. One week to break with the standard mold of the film industry where the big corporations take all your money and spend it anyway they want, with no purpose, no message, no betterment of society. One week left to help three independent thinkers, creators, artists to break with that mold. One week to sponsor art, movies and creative thinking.
Three short films. Three filmmakers. One city. That’s their motto. The 3X3 Project is a “filmmaking movement of sorts”. Miguel Parga, Brian Dilg and William Speruzzi have combined decades of experience to create a sustainable and successful model for independent filmmakers. There are endless amounts of writers’ groups, massive production companies, and other forms of industry support systems that ultimately “make movies happen”.
“But what about the lonely filmmaker?”
The guys at 3X3 aim to eliminate the loneliness by creating a unique support system. This model pushes the artists through a new type of collaboration by joining forces and combining their experience and their access to some of the best resources in the industry. Plus, the support of fans, contributors and believers (not the Bieber kind) gives them even more motivation and accountability to complete the task.
By creating a community of supporters they have given themselves a chance. The beauty of living in today’s interconnected web-based world is that we no longer need the support of the ‘establishment’ to forge ahead with projects dear to our hearts. Now almost everything can be done independently.  The team at 3X3 have already assembled a dedicated team of filmmaking professionals who are willing to come on board to support the movement that will give the films high production value.
Here’s where we come in. Our support will help to raise the financing required to bring THE RIVER, SHORTEST DISTANCE, and THE EXAM into production. Become a part of this journey by supporting their fiercely independent and immensely talented creative team.
They need one FINAL PUSH to make this project happen. One more week of fund raising. Through their kickstarter campaign they plan to reach their current goal to raise $25,500 by the time we start our first round of principal photography in Winter 2014 on location in New York City.
Join their community to help launch the next stage of collective filmmaking.


BRIAN DILG has worked as a writer/director, cinematographer, and editor on over 100 film and television projects since 1995. His work has been featured on Animal Planet, Atom Films, NBC, PBS, and in innumerable film festivals around the world. He is currently finishing his MFA degree in film production at New York University, where he was a full scholarship recipient.
MIGUEL PARGA has been in the business eighteen years. While working for ABC News he won an Emmy, a Peabody and a DuPont Award. Later he moved to Los Angeles where he produced commercials and wrote scripts for five years. Miguel currently teaches filmmaking and acting in NYC. He has directed 18 shorts. His first novel, Blood Laws, was published by Anaphora Literary Press last year.
WILLIAM SPERUZZI has over seventeen years of experience working in film and commercial production and post-production for such clients as HBO, MTV, Saatchi & Saatchi and Panasonic. He has worked professionally as a writer, director, producer and as an editor under his own banner cutting shorts, industrials, commercials, and promos.  In 2005 he wrote and directed the short film from his original script THE FACE OF THE EARTH that was a Quarterfinalist in the CineStory Screenwriting Awards 2003 Short Category. His screenplay, DYRE AVENUE was in the BlueCat Screenwriting 2007 Competition Top Ten Percent.
Brian Dilg’s THE RIVER  ||  A surreal drama about a man who wakes up one day to find himself to face with face with the man he might have been had he followed his dreams, and what happens when he tries to flee the life he has for the one he always wanted.
Miguel Parga’s SHORTEST DISTANCE  ||  A noir love story about the mistakes you can’t help but keep making. When you think the night’s done, that’s when things are just getting started.
William Speruzzi’s THE EXAM  ||  A taut, contemporary, psychological thriller about a man whose promotion hinges on him taking a medical exam. After a home visit with his pregnant wife and five year old son present, he discovers that the examiner has a more insidious agenda.
So, out of necessity and frustrated with the film industry, Brian, Miguel and William Speruzzi formed a writers’ group. They spoke of character, plot structure and dialogue but it wasn’t enough. IT WASN’T ENOUGH! Then three shorts came into focus and it was good. Actually… it was really good. These three filmmakers decided to make these short scripts into something that every man, woman (well, maybe not child) could be engaged by and changed by.
So it happened…
Join their community to help launch the next stage of collective filmmaking.

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